Tethered / 11x17 Print with Color Variants

Available in my print shop on 2/1/15 for $10 plus shipping.

Whether it's horror or any of the other things that go bump in the night, I like to explore things in my art that either used to terrify me as a child or things that I now fear in my 30s, in this case smartphone addiction. Artistic expression, in any form, is some of the best therapy out there. I'm perpetually torn between my love of technology and borderline terror at how it's transforming many of us into brain-dead and tech-dependant introverts. It's important to look up and unplug every once and awhile, the world can be a pretty beautiful place.

This piece was recently featured on The DNA Life's Weekly Inspiration. Thanks for the support!

This piece was created using a combination of photo-manipulation and original vector art. 

Click the thumbnails to view full screen.


Above: The original 'Tethered' print with several color variants, click to view full screen. Below: A couple very early in-progress shots during my early brainstorming phase and during the creation of the vector backdrop.

Below: Two of the source/reference images used. The cliff face, used to create the cliff in the print,  is one of my own photos taken in Morro Bay, CA. Early in the project I knew I wanted to depict a futuristic dystopian society, part Gotham part Dark City, so I drew a bit of inspiration for the setting from one of my all-time favorite games, Bioshock.