Black Arts Toneworks / Logo, Branding, Website, Pedal Art, and Product Packaging

Client: Black Arts Toneworks 

Client Request: A complete brand/image overhaul starting with a versatile vector logo that's unique, striking, and fits within their established occult aesthetic. This would then branch off into a new website (see link above), merch designs, and product packaging. These designs are rolling out throughout 2015.

Check out the new Black Arts Toneworks website my clicking their name above. This was created by myself and web developer Austin Jefferson. I was in charge of all the graphic creation such as the parallax wallpaper and pedal navigation.

Witch Burner pedal artwork by Mike Moses / Drowntown

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Black Arts Toneworks 2015 logo and badges

Individual pedal decals for product packaging

Check out my work on the Black Arts website

Above: Product photos courtesy Jason Scott Below: Two of my early "BAT" logo sketches